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The latest real estate news and luxury insights from Cabo

Hit the Road: Loreto, Mexico is Downright Charming

Here it is — the genesis of California’s “modern” history and it’s in Baja California.

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Luxury Real Estate in Los Cabos is Coming Back

Jonathon Fischer, 52, and his wife Christine Avanti-Fischer, 44, have owned properties in Miami, Los Angeles.

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Mexico Tourism Up!

Mexican authorities reported that between January and May foreign tourist arrivals reached 13 million, 7.2% above the 12.1 million recorded during the same period in 2014.

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An interview with Bill Boyce

Bill Boyce and Associate Producer Bryan Solomon joined in this venture to show the world the mystical and rugged beauty of Baja California Sur.

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Imagine You Live Here

Pursuing inner happiness at the expense of societal norms and impeding opinions of loved ones was a decision that the author would never regret.

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Safety in Mexico?

While there is sporadic violence along parts of the U.S. border, the majority of Mexico’s key tourism areas are not only safe, but safer than many other popular tourism areas.

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One of Pedregal’s most luxurious, well-known Estates is now priced to sell! Villa La Roca, the architecturally stunning cliff-side mansion has just been reduced from $7,450,000 to $5,900,000.

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Three Villas de Oro condos drastically reduced! These three properties are all located in Villa de Oro in the gated enclave of Palmilla.

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Design Challenges: an Expert’s Help With Building in Los Cabos

Beauty, usefulness, safety, and security are some of the positive attributes of a proper lighting design...

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